Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Homage to 'Word of Mouth' with tongue in cheek..

Wow, I have had a hell of a time creating a simple symmetrical pattern by selecting part of a photo I took then copying and rotating the selection and putting it together in one document. It has taken me two and half early morning hours to do this!!!

 Sheesh. Where is the definitive youtube tutorial on how to do this stuff?

 I can't believe people do this for fun.


Off to CMAG to seek inspiration. We visited the exhibition Word of Mouth: encounters with abstract art. Mark Bayly, who curated the show, gave us a terrific guided tour where he talked about the importance of the relationship between artists and their mentors. The title 'Word of Mouth' signifies 'the theme of conceptual dialogue, as well as the literal act of passing knowledge from one person to another across generational lines' (Mark Bayly, exhibition program). The artists have a history associated with at the art school at ANU, as students, teachers and/or mentors.

We walked to the gallery and took 'snaps' along the way, seeking inspiration in the streets of Civic!

follow me...

Advanced Diploma of Art and Design begins...

24th July 2012 was the official start-up day for the Advanced Diploma of Art and Design at CIT.  We are a small but enthusiastic group, keen to get on with the work of creating masterpieces. 

Class started with some vital information about the course, timetabling and general 'housework', which I unfortunately missed on account of being late. Paul helpfully repeated himself for my benefit as the morning wore on. 

It seems I have to come up with my own ideas for my studio project!! With a view to undertaking this decision we all did a brainstorm on what sorts of things 'inspire' us and came up with an interesting list including some of the following:

  • dreams
  • films
  • books
  • exhibitions
  • experimenting with different media
  • architecture
  • magazines
  • music
  • natural environments (bush, rivers, lakes, parks)
  • dance/drama/cultural experiences
  • alcohol
  • other artists
  • particular artistic genres (surrealism, expressionism etc)
  • animals
  • doodling
  • following on line links
  • pinterest
  • zoos, museums, public places (cafes, pubs)
  • events
  • diaries

'Felines' by Gwen Clarke
When I got home I brought some art materials out of the cold studio and into the warm living area and decided to act on a long held desire to do a picture based on the above picture which I gave to my husband as a wedding gift (back when dinosaurs still roamed the earth).

My dining table version is on the sidebar. Other artists have been a huge source of inspiration for me in the past (dare I mention William Kentridge?) and Gwen's beautiful work is no exception.