Thursday, August 9, 2012

Intaglio Printing with Bernie Part 1

 Workshop today was learning about Intaglio printing with Bernie Slater.

correct pronunciation please!
definitions of types of intaglio processes (i before e except after c?)
Bernie invited us to look at his etchings
Process for preparing a copper plate for intaglio printing:

1. Clean the copper plate with Brasso to remove surface grease and grit which might get in the way of the etching process

2. Cover one side of the copper plate with plastic contact paper; if you only polished one side of the copper, put the contact on the non-polished side.

3. Write your name on the contact in permanent marker.

4. Paint the polished, non-contact covered surface of the copper plate with a thin, smooth layer of bitumen paint. The bitumen is thinned with turps. Avoid obvious streaks or lumps in your layer of bitumen paint. Leave the bitumen painted plate to dry. This takes an hour or so. It is difficult to get a clean line when the bitumen is tacky, so be patient!

5. Draw into the bitumen layer with a fine pointed metal tool. The copper itself isn't etched with the tool, it only needs to remove the bitumen.

Bernie showed us a prepared plate that he had started etching into
Graham etching his prepared copper plate

My prepared plate, drawing and fine pointed etching tool

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