Wednesday, October 17, 2012

White mask fever!

White mask fever has been crippling me. I put off making a decision about what to do with the masks by trying out making a rice paper one.  It will be interesting to see how it comes out of the mold.

The other masks were still staring sightlessly at the ceiling.

Okay so I've made the masks, had a little dabble with paint on one of them. Time to make a commitment. My favourite colours are Prussian Blue, Permanent Alizarin and Pthalo Green. I also have a fabulous orange and combined that with Prussian Blue.

Here is what I did with them.


add pthalo green,

Eek! Mouth is awful. Off with it.

Prussian Blue::

Pthalo Green::

add Cadmium Orange,

add Prussian Blue.

I think that'll do.

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