Saturday, September 8, 2012

Ink paintings in preparation for studio project

In preparation for the intaglio prints that I am preparing to make, I am doing ink sketches of the images which I have currently decided on including in the print series. It is an interesting process. I have already done drawings of these images using pencil, conte or charcoal. Every time I redraw the image it changes in some way. All of these pictures are drawn from my imagination so there is no 'right' way or original, correct image to follow.

I have bought a couple of great books of Goya's graphic work. One which contains copies of all 82 of the 'Los Caprichos' prints and another which has reproductions from his sketch books. It is so inspiring to look at Goya's work. His drawing is very distinctive, something which encourages me to trust myself in regard to my drawing. Most of the drawings and prints are quite small and yet he manages to fill them with so much atmosphere, character and emotion.

I am hoping to have at least 8, maybe 14, prints in this series. I am using the Stations of the Cross as a narrative inspiration. The more I have worked on this project, the more strongly have I come to identify with the metaphor of Jesus' journey from being sentenced to death (birth) to salvation through resurrection (acceptance of the self, warts and all). I am not a religious person but the journey is very much part of the experience of being human, I think.

My goal this weekend was to complete 8 of these ink sketches. I am finding doing this painting remarkably exhausting!

Here are four  seven of them.

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